Canes & Crutches

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Product Info

  • SugarCanes

    We love the SugarCane because it stands with style and is, frankly, the Best Cane Ever. It features a Quad Tip Base, which allows it to stand on its own and provides more traction and stability than a standard cane tip. SugarCanes come in 9 beautiful styles, have a soft foam handle and carrying strap, lock silencer, are fade and chip resistant and are ideal for users 4’1” – 6’4” tall.

  • QT Canes – Folding Canes with Mini Quad Tip

    QT Canes are so stylish and combine two great features: the convenience of a folding cane and the stability of the Mini Quad Tip. The Mini Quad Tip improves stability and traction on uneven terrain, reduces impact on the user’s hand and wrist and allows the cane to stand on its own on smooth and level surfaces. QT Canes come in a variety of stylish and beautiful patterns. Best of all, their compact size makes them ideal for travel. Just grab your QT Cane and go!

  • 1070 and 1080 Aluminum Offset Canes

    Make each step a good one with our stylish Aluminum Offset Canes. These lightweight, adjustable canes feature soft foam handles and a carrying strap, a lock silencer to prevent rattle, are fade and chip resistant and ideal for users 4’11” to 6’4” tall. 1070 series designer canes come in dozens of patterns, and 1080 Heavy Duty canes have a weight capacity of 500 lb.

  • T-Grip Canes

    Our T-Grip Canes come in dozens of styles and patterns, so you can make each step a good one. These canes are adjustable, feature a plastic “T-Grip” handle, a silencer to prevent rattle and are fade and chip resistant. They are lightweight at 1 pound and ideal for users 4’11” to 6’4” tall.

  • Palm Grip Canes

    Palm Grip Cane handles feature an ergonomic design and large surface area, helping to reduce hand fatigue and discomfort. They work especially well for those experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Palm Grip Canes are adjustable and come in four different styles, with both a left and right-handed option. They are lightweight at 1 pound and ideal for users 4’11” to 6’4” tall.

  • 3091 Adjustable Folding Cane Seat

    The Adjustable Folding Seat Cane lets you bring a seat wherever you go. It works as a regular cane, and unfolds into a chair when you’re ready to have a seat. It folds and unfolds easily and is great for travel. So convenient!

  • How to Adjust Your Offset Cane

    Learn how to quickly and easily adjust your cane to the perfect height for you – with no cane rattle!!