• 2601 series
    • SitzRight Seat Cushion

      Product Overview

      • Correct Posture – Contoured design encourages proper sitting posture
      • Airflow – Port + Pillar design provides continuous airflow to reduce
      temperature and moisture to the skin
      • Weight Distribution – Multiple pillar heights eliminate peak pressures on
      your sitz bones
      • Waterproof – Closed-cell EVA is completely waterproof and dishwasher


    • 2601 series
    • Bath Seat Cushion

      Product Overview

      • Waterproof – EVA is completely waterproof and is heat resistant to 158° F
      for easy cleaning
      • Weight Distribution – Port and Pillar distributes weight and reduces peak
      pressures by 61%
      • Correct Posture – contoured design cradles the pelvis so it remains upright
      in proper alignment, reducing stress on the lower back

    • 2601 series
    • Kneeler

      Product Overview

      • Delivers superior comfort to your knees on the hardest of surfaces
      • Ergonomic design minimizes the pain of kneeling
      • Great for gardening, kneeling by bathtub, DIY projects

    • 2601 series
    • Comfort-Tech Wheelchair Seat

      Product Overview

      We love the Comfort-Tech Wheelchair Seat because it does much more than make you comfortable. It’s a therapeutic wheelchair seat that can help improve your posture, decrease peak pressures and maintain a lower temperature and moisture at the skin.

      Available Sizes
      • 16″ x 16″

        item: BJCTK006

        UPC: 841059106547

      • 18″ x 16″

        item: BJCTK007

        UPC: 841059106554

      • 20″ x 16″

        item: BJCTK009

        UPC: 841059106561

      • 18″ x 18″

        item: BJCTK008

        UPC: 841059106578

      • 20″ x 18″

        item: BJCTK010

        UPC: 841059106585


    • 2601 series
    • Perfect Fit Lumbar Support

      Product Overview
      We love the Perfect Fit Lumbar Support because it fits perfectly into the curve of your lower back, soothing lower spine pressure and promoting forward curvature for a healthy sitting posture. Take your Perfect Fit Lumbar Support wherever you go and keep you and your back Healthy and Happy.

      • Improves posture by supporting the natural S-curve of the lower back
      • Panels flex inward to allow for healthy back movement
      • Port and pillar design promotes air circulation
      • Strap adjusts for preferred back support position
      • Compact and lightweight to take anywhere and everywhere (11.25”w x 8.25”h x 2.5”d)