Mobility Accessories

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  • Mobility Accessories

    NOVA has an array of mobility accessories that come in great colors and styles that make life easier and more fun!

Product Info

  • CH-1000 Deluxe Cup Holder

    The Deluxe Cup Holder is the best accessory for any mobility product because you’ve got to have a cup holder! It fits on most walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, bikes and strollers, adjusts to hold different sized drinks, and easily folds up when not in use.

  • Lock n’ Load

    NOVA is the only rolling walker brand to develop a unique solution to a common rolling walker problem with the Lock N Load. Keeping your NOVA locked in a folded position has tremendous everyday benefits. This makes it much easier to 1) Lift in and out of a car 2) For storage or travel. This feature also reduces wear and tear to your Nova walker and makes handling your NOVA walker much easier for the family, friends, and anyone who parks or stores your walker.

  • 40027GR Walker Skis

    Tennis balls on walkers are unsafe, unsanitary and unattractive. Unlike tennis balls, Walker Skis are made specifically for walkers. They are small, grey, rubber pieces that look like very short skis and fit on the legs of most walkers. They are durable, easy-to-clean, safe and stylish, and glide well over most surfaces and small bumps like door jams.

  • CH-4000R Cane Holder

    Your cane finally has a home! Now you can truly maximize your mobility having both your walker and cane – together. NOVA’s innovative Cane Holder attaches to most walkers and provides a perfect and secure home for your cane. It is so easy to remove your cane for use, and just as easy to place it back in its holder.

  • 436T Folding Walker Tray

    The Folding Walker Tray is the perfect accessory for your folding walker. It allows you to carry items from room to room and features cup holders to prevent spills. It installs easily, and folds down when not in use.

  • FL-2000 Mobility Flashlight

    We love the FL-2000 Mobility Flashlight because it adds extra light for safety in dark places. It easily attaches to most walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs and canes. And, you can remove the flashlight for hand use. Best of all, it rotates 360 degrees and the battery is included!

  • Mobility Bags

    We love our Mobility Bags because they’re versatile, stylish, and keep you on the go. Mobility bags securely attach to rolling walkers, folding walkers, transport chairs and wheelchairs. They feature a sturdy design, plentiful pockets, a key ring zipper to help easily open and close, and multiple attachment options. Choose the style that’s right for you and make life on the go a breeze – and beautiful!

  • Travel Bag for Walker, Rolling Walker or Transport Chair

    Going places with your walker, rollator or transport chair? Great! The NOVA Travel Bag is the perfect travel companion. This large, sturdy nylon bag fits most folding walkers, rolling walkers and transport chairs, and features a shoulder strap, handle straps, and a key ring zipper to help easily open and close.