• Mobility Bags

    Bags are certainly one accessory we can say, The More the Merrier! Mobility bags do so much more than carry your essentials and personal stuff…they express your style, make a statement and are just so fun to have. And, since NOVA is obsessed with style, you’ll find more looks, trends and thoughtful design here, than anywhere.

    • Deluxe Folding Walker Bag

      Product Overview

      The Deluxe Folding Walker Bag is for 4070 and 4090 series folding walkers.


      Product Info

      Item Number: 4070P
      UPC Number: 652308114844
      Sales Um: Each
      Msrp: 39.95

    • Folding Walker Bag

      Product Overview

      The folding walker bag (Aloha Pink) attaches securely to the 4080 and 4090 series folding walkers. It attaches to the front of the walker and has two roomy pockets for storage. Many items can fit inside such as reading glasses, a book, and a remote control. The bag comes in fun colors that will brighten up your walker. Available in 2 colors!

      Dimensions: 15.5″L x 13″W x 3″D 29.95 Msrp: 19.95


      • PINK

        Aloha Pink
        item 4001AP

        UPC 652308400107


      • PINK

        item 4001BK

        UPC 652308400152


      Product Info

      Msrp: 19.95
      Size L: 15.5″
      Size W: 13″
      Size D: 3″
      Weight: 1 lb

    • Universal Mobility Bag

      Product Overview

      The unique Dual Attachment options make this beautiful and functional bag universal. It attaches on walkers, rolling walkers, power chairs, wheelchairs, transport chairs and scooters.

      • Dual attachment options: Back strap attachment with secure
      clip and two top adjustable hanging straps
      • Top Full Zipper with key rings
      • Pockets and interior fully lined
      • Four front pockets
      • Small inside pocket with zipper closure and key ring

      Dimensions: 10.5″L x 12″W x 2.75″D 29.95 Msrp: 29.95


      • Classic Black
        item 4009BK

        UPC 652308131322


    • Mobility Bag

      Product Overview

      • Securely attaches to rolling walkers, folding walkers, transport chairs and wheelchairs
      • Front, side and back attachment options
      • Spacious interior with two outer pockets
      • Comes with finger key rings for easy zipper open and close

      We love our Mobility Bags because they’re versatile, stylish and they allow you to go wherever life takes you. Their sturdy design, plentiful pockets and multiple attachment options make life on the go a breeze – and beautiful!

      Dimensions: 11″L x 11″W x 3″D Msrp: 19.95




      • Boho Blossoms
        item 4008BB



      • English Garden
        item 4008EG

        UPC 652308145206


      • Enchanted Garden
        item 4008GA

        UPC 652308142823


      • Leopard
        item 4008LP

        UPC 652308142809


    • Mobility Handbag

      Product Overview

      Just the right size for you and your mobility product, the Mobility Handbag is an ideal and elegant bag for walkers and most transport chairs and scooters.

      • Back strap attachment with secure clip
      • Top Full Zipper with two key rings
      • Front Pocket with magnetic button closure
      • Reinforced back foundation for rigid support
      • Pockets and interior fully lined
      • Large inside pocket with zipper closure and key ring
      • Inside: Two small pockets

      Dimensions: 10.”L x 6.5″W x 3″D 29.95 Msrp: 24.95


      • PINK

        Boho Blossoms
        item 4006BB



      • PINK

        item 4006BF

        UPC 652308131926


      • PINK

        Classic Black
        item 4006BK

        UPC 652308131940


      • PINK

        Chocolate Zebra
        item 4006CZ

        UPC 652308131964


      • PINK

        English Garden
        item 4006EG

        UPC 652308132015


    • Round Mobility Clutch

      Product Overview

      The Mobility Clutch attaches securely to all walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and bed rails. Available in 2 colors!

      Dimensions: 4.5″L x 3.25″W x 1.5″D 29.95 Msrp: 8.95


      Product Info

      Item Number: BGS01
      UPC Number: 652308117616
      Msrp: 11.95
      Size L: 4.5″
      Size W: 3.25″
      Size D: 1.5″
      Weight: 0.19 lb

    • Mobility Wristlet

      Product Overview

      The Mobility Wristlet attaches securely to all walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and bed rails.

      Dimensions: 6.5″L x 3.5″W x 0.5″D Msrp: 9.95


      • PINK

        item BGM01



      • PINK

        item BGM04

        UPC 652308117548


      Product Info

      Msrp: 13.95
      Size L: 6.5″
      Size W: 3.5″
      Size D: 0.5″
      Weight: 0.23 lb

    • Hanging Walker Pouch Aloha Blue

      Fits all folding and 4200 series walkers. Velcros to front of crossbar of folding walker or backrest of 4200 series. Extra storage for lightweight objects

      Item P4200SB UPC 652308427722

    • Travel Bag

      The Travel Bag fits all folding and rolling walkers and transport chairs (except for models 330,332 and 352). It is a nylon bag, perfect for airline travel or storage. 36″w x 27″h x 10″d

      Item 4000TB UPC 652308409902



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