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    • Mighty Mack Heavy Duty Rolling Walker


      The strongest of them all is the Mighty Mack. It has a 500 pound weight capacity and a standard seat height for average to tall users. Features include 8” wheels, an extra wide seat with a built-in seat pad, locking hand brakes, a front wire basket, and a removable back.

      Available Colors
      • BLUE

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      • RED

        item 4216RD

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      Product Info

      Weight Capacity / Wt Cap:      500 lb.
      Weight / Each Weight:      24 lb.
      Overall Dimensions (High):      28″w x 26.25″d x 36.25″h
      Overall Dimensions (Low):      28″w x 26.25″d x 32.25″h
      Overall Dimensions When Folded:      31″-36.75″h x 28.75″w x 26.5″-27.5″d
      Wheel Size:      8″
      HCPCS Code:      E0149 & E0156
      Width Between Handles:      24″
      Approximate User Height:      5’5″ – 6’0″
      Basket / Bag Dimensions:      17.25″w x 10″d x 6.5″h
      Seat Height:      22″
      Seat Dimensions:      19.75″w x 13.25″d
      Seat:      padded
      Storage:      basket
      Handle Height Adjustment:      30.25″ – 36.25″


      • Mack Rolling Walkers

        Mack rolling walkers are strong and reliable, with options for all shapes and sizes. The Mini Mack features a lower seat height (approx. user height 4’11” – 5’5”) and a 400 lb weight capacity. The Mack has a standard seat height (approx. user height 5’5” – 6’2”) and a 400 lb weight capacity. The Mighty Mack features an extra-wide seat, standard seat height (approx. user height 5’5” – 6’0”) and 600 lb weight capacity. All Macks are foldable and come with blow molded seats with removable seat pads and removable baskets, durable 8” wheels and locking hand brakes.