• 2601 series
    • Contoured Cervical Collar

      Product Overview

      Made of soft, polyurethane foam. One size fits most. Velcro tabs for easy secure and closure. Provides comfortable neck support and reduces head and cervical vertebrae movement. Promotes proper healing while preventing additional injury. Works great for fractures, pinched nerves, herniated discs, muscle strains, and sprains. Ribbed stockinette cover promotes air circulation, reduces perspiration and heat build up. Extra stockinette cover is removable for easy cleaning.

      Available Sizes
      • 4″ x 21″

        item: 2695-R

        UPC: 652308127738


      • 3.5″ x 21″

        item: 2694-R

        UPC: 652308132879


      • 2.5″ x 21″

        item: 2693-R

        UPC: 652308132855



    • Full Roll Pillows

      Product Overview

      Designed to provide head and neck support to relieve muscle tension in the back and shoulders. Helps align the spine while promoting proper sleeping posture. Also great for sacral (pelvic), knee or ankle support. Perfect companion for travel. 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. Removable fleece cover is hand washable and flame retardant.

      Available Colors
      • PINK

        item 2696F-R

        UPC 652308132718

        Material Fleece


      • PINK

        item 2696S-R

        UPC 652308132756

        Material Satin


      • PINK

        item 2696W-R

        UPC 652308132787

        Material White Velour


      Product Info

      Size W:      18″
      Size D:      7″

    • 2601 series
    • Comfort Curve Neck Pillow

      Product Overview

      • Curved ergonomic shape designed to relieve neck and shoulder pain and muscle tension, for a better night’s sleep
      • Provides ideal support and comfort while reclining, watching TV, reading or sleeping
      • Also great for pelvic, knee or ankle support
      • Satin-like material is smooth and cooling, cover is removable and washable
      • Color: Light Blue; Filled with 100% Polyester Fiber

      We love the Comfort Curve Neck Pillow because it curves and swerves just like your body to give those places the right shaped support and comfort. Ideal for the head and neck, but also great for the pelvis, knees or ankles. Keep this pillow safe and secure … it will be your favorite – and others’ too!

      Available Sizes
      • 22”w x 13.75”d x 4.75”h

        item: 2646-R

        UPC: 652308144186



    • 2601 series
    • Travel Neck Pillow Memory Foam

      Product Overview

      We love the Travel Neck Pillow (2643) because it’s made of memory foam and features a soft velour cover, giving you the most luxurious, comfortable experience while traveling, reading or resting.

      • Overall Dimensions: 11.75″d x 12.75″w x 3.75″h

      Available Colors
      • PINK

        item 2643BK-R

        UPC 652308147798

      • PINK

        item 2643BL-R

        UPC 652308147774