NOVA fans come in all ages. They take their canes, walkers, wheelchairs and transport chairs all over the globe. They love to show off who they are and we are proud to be a small part of letting them live life to its fullest. Check out some NOVA product cameos on these great adventures, and life moments large and small.

And (drum roll please…), meet our NOVA SuperFAN – the ultimate NOVA ambassador and inspiration. Learn about their incredible stories of courage, determination and strength. For NOVA, they are OUR super heroes defying unbelievable challenges, crushing huge obstacles, helping others and looking amazing all the while.


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  • Meet Carmen, our NOVA Super Fan!

    I was born with Cerebral Palsy so I have difficulty walking. I’m an avid out door lover – we go camping, fishing, hiking, beach combing, grabbing, and many other out-door activities. A lot of my friends took some jabs at me for NOT getting a walker. They asked if I liked falling all the time, which was several times a day, most of my life. I just said I didn’t want to look old and yes, “I will fall before I get a walker!” So, I agreed to take one out once, and if no one laughed at me I’d consider it. I was 50 at the time. Well, when I didn’t fall even one time, I LIKED that a lot! No one laughed, and the more I used it the more I realized what I was missing, and what I wasn’t missing. And, I wasn’t missing falling every day. Everyone but me would freak out! I didn’t know what they were so freaked out about. Falling was an everyday part of my life. Now I feel SO SAFE! I love that!! SAFE is a very good feeling!!

    My first NOVA Zoom

    As a very avid outdoor lover, my Zoom has been over everything I can push it over…rocks, gravel, sand, creeks, water, ocean water, mud, pumpkin patches, fields, tree limbs, curbs, speed bumps, pavement, concrete, grass, hay, dirt, pinecones, snow, ice and much more. Living in the great Pacific Northwest means heavy duty weather. I don’t worry about the brakes not working after running through water…they have never failed. Living in Washington we do get the rain, and if one lets rain stop them they wouldn’t get far, so I take off in the rain too.

    My big challenge

    Two years ago I set out to lose weight, but with Cerebral Palsy and Osteoporosis I didn’t think it could be done. I started walking after I was told I had diabetes to control my blood sugar. Because of my Zoom, I’m walk-jogging 2.5 miles a week and through everything. I’ve lost 40 pounds and counting. This is the only walker I’ve found that will do what I can do. I have dropped my glucose a1c number into the normal range, and dropped 80 points off my cholesterol, of course diet has played a big part, but without the exercise WITH diet it would not have worked. Because of my Zoom, I have a new life! 

Looking forward to my new NOVA Zoom in Pink!

I’m 60 years young. I’m getting a new PINK zoom next week. I’m going to look pretty in pink. They didn’t have pink when I got mine. I figure at my current rate I have put in 700 miles on this blue Zoom and it will be my back up. I never dreamed I could do this! Thank you NOVA! I have a healthier body, and I’m my doctor’s success story. She’s thrilled with what I’ve done. Many others who aren’t disabled can’t do what I do. You made it possible, and affordable.

Today I broke my all-time Fit Bit active minutes. 20 minutes and a mile distance. Pretty good for a grandma of 8 who has CP! My grandkids aren’t bothered at all by grandma using a walker and they are going to love the pink Zoom. I’ve taken them fishing, and I always have a front row seat with my own perfectly fit chair.

My new Pink Zoom has arrived!

Wow! I’m impressed! I picked up my new “Cadillac”, pink Zoom 18! It’s sweet! It is so smooth! It rolls so easy I have to watch it. I had no idea how much rubber I have burned off the other wheels until I saw them side by side! The slide attachment (Lock n’ Load) to hold it closed is a huge bonus! My old one doesn’t have that. When I load my walker in my trunk I use one hand, the other hand is always hanging on to something so that I won’t lose my balance and fall.

This pink Zoom Cadillac is amazing, I’m almost afraid to go take it out and go do my thing it’s so pretty! I saved for it, so she’s going to be used, and used for all the fun I can get out of it. I love it! This pink one is lighter weight than my blue one. The brakes are amazing, just a touch and they work. I turned a few heads when I came jogging through the door!

I love the accessories! (Sue sent Carmen some of her favorite NOVA accessories) I love all the bags, flashlight, seat-covers, all of the amazing things you make. Now I’m Stylin’!The bags will be great for carrying my glucose test kit, extra snacks I carry to keep my blood sugar up, all this exercise drops it. I think I have it down to a science now. My old Kindle Fire is never parted from me. It goes everywhere, and the smaller bag is perfect for it.

Better than ever

My whole mental out -look has improved being out and feeling really great about what I’ve accomplished. So not only has my NOVA improved my health, it has improved my mental out-look. Thank you for making this awesome product, and I hold my head a little higher with this beautiful Pink Cadillac!


  • I purchased the GetGO Rolling Walker for my son…it’s fantastic…will grow with him and is stylish for a walker…we purchased the blue color and I am ordering the red one today for him to use when we are out and about. I chose the red color for visibility. This is absolutely best walker we have ever seen.

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    I tried several other grab bar products for the tub. Most were plastic stick on. This NOVA Tub Grab Bar is made of metal and you clamp it to the side of the tub, and is the most stable that I found. I’m very pleased.

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  • I ordered a GetGO Petite for my mother, who is a small woman, 5’2″. We ordered the petite size for her. She has another walker that is just too large for her and it is difficult to fold and load into a vehicle. This one adjusts well to her height and is much less cumbersome for her to maneuver. With the smaller wheels and the Lock N Load feature, it is much easier to fold and put in my trunk or behind one of the front seats in my small car. She is very happy with it. The old saying, “when momma’s happy, everyone is happy”, is very true!

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    WOW! I am not easy to please, but I must say that this NOVA Walker is very well thought out and quality produced. I will be giving this to my mother and I have full confidence that it will serve her well.

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  • I LOVE this NOVA walker. I had no idea just how helpful it would be in my life. I can walk some but not very stable on my own. I got this walker and it made an immediate and welcome change in my life. It was so easy for hubby to assemble and we were impressed with the quality. Nothing flimsy here! It took me one trip to the kitchen to figure out how to work it. The wheels glide so smoothly and turn on a dime! Nothing to it. I will never be without this one, it is everything it says it is and more!

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  • The Nova Rolling Walker is a definite step up from my previous walker. Every detail is a plus compared to the “plain” utilitarian device I used for years. The seat is at the proper height and the front turning wheels make the Nova an all-around aid to mobility. With wheels that turn rather than skid around corners and the additional set of wheels on the rear (no more tennis balls) makes getting around just so much easier than my old walker. Even the brakes aid in maneuvering around doorways and obstacles. The Nova is a well-made quality product.

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