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  • For the last decade we’ve consistently worked with an organization called Fundasal, providing much needed mobility equipment to some of the most impoverished regions of El Salvador. Recently, a shipping container with more than 20 pallets of equipment left NOVA to be distributed in villages throughout the country. We’ve documented this journey from our warehouse, to the Port of Long Beach, and on and on till new wheelchairs and canes meet their new owners.

    This story stretches across several years, multiple villages, dozens of volunteers, hundreds of recipients and thousands of pieces of donated medical equipment – from the guys driving the forklifts in our warehouse, to the people who talk to villagers to see who needs what equipment. It is unbelievable to see people in the middle of nowhere who need medical equipment receive one of our walkers or wheelchairs. They cry for joy. It makes me feel very good that Nova agreed to this arrangement.” Robin Castillo, NOVA Warehouse Manager praises Fundansal-la for being well-connected and organized; and for doing exactly what they say they will do with the equipment — give it freely to people in need. “We’ve been able to develop a trusting relationship. I know for sure that the equipment is getting where it needs to go and improving people’s lives.” NOVA also donates products in Columbia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.