• Sue Chen founded NOVA Medical Products in 1993 when she was just 23 years old with a strong vision – improve lives…with style. Today, Nova has grown to become an industry leader and innovator of Mobility, Bathroom Safety and Independent Living products such as beautiful canes, hot walkers and stylish mobility bags. NOVA is on a mission to unleash the power and potential in millions of physically challenged people and determined to shift the fear, stigma and discrimination her customers face; reconnecting our human bond that all people deserve to live and thrive.

    Most recently, Sue was a finalist for the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, recipient of the Community Leadership Award from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, and named one of the ten Most Powerful Entrepreneurs in Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women issue. In 2011, Sue helped successfully lobby the California legislature to protect sharks with the passing of the Shark Fin ban. In July 2014, Sue was name on the Forty over 40 List of women who are reinventing, disruption and making an impact.

Sue is an Annenberg Foundation Community Champion, YPO executive member, Founder of Operation Blue Pride, and Director of Reef Check Foundation and Wild Aid. She also speaks to thousands of people each year about her passions and missions. Sue believes in a happily un-balanced and chaotic life and is also a shark advocate, avid diver, classical music junkie and author of Confessions of the Walker Stalker.



41VjYapfRBLConfessions of a Walker Stalker is the story of how Sue Chen turned her business into her passion by embarking on a mission to change America’s experience of facing mobility challenges. A guidebook and invitation to join Sue in helping people in America age and face mobility challenges with dignity and style, Confessions of a Walker Stalker is also a guide to finding and expressing where your passion and work converge. Sue has taken years of being inspired by her customers – getting their groove back after experiencing a mobility makeover and talking about their triumphs in facing down disease, aging and social stigmas with style and savvy – turning it into a book that is funny, moving, eye-opening and sure to change the way people look at the world of walkers, wheelchairs and canes. Prepare to become a Walker Stalker!

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